Chris Okray:  President


Liane Shulfer:  Vice President

Peter Gebhardt:  Secretary

Tammy Jankowski:  Treasurer

Anton Anday:  Member

Amy Boelk:  Member

Ed Gerbitz:  Member

Lenore Haferman:  Member

Greg Nyen:  Member

Beverly Raspor:  Member

Tim Roman:  Member

Steven Schneider:  Member

Tammy Schwebach-Erdman:  Member

Bernie Smyth:  Member

Tim Taschwer:  Member

Vickie Van Dyn Hoven:  Member

Paul Woyak:  Member



Board Meetings are always at noon the first Wednesday of the Month at "The Cottage" in Plover

If you are interested in being more involved in our community and learning what meaningful opportunities are available through Kiwanis, we would love to have you be a guest at one of our Wednesday meetings over lunch hour.

There is no obligation in accepting an invitation to be our guest. We would simply like the opportunity to get to know you, and have you know more about us. Hopefully, we can work together to build our community and help meet its many needs.

We look forward to seeing you soon!